​Beccy Roseman is the Archdiocese's School Chaplaincy Coordinator. Information and resources related to her work can be found on the Kenelm Youth Trust's website:




Cardinal Newman

Fr Patrick Brennan- Meet our school Chaplain

Fr Pat is our school Chaplain and the Parish Priest at Holy Family Church. Fr Pat dedicates his life to the Church and loves to share the Word of God with everyone he meets, reaching out to so many people through Mass but also through social media. He is a fan of twitter and you can follow his tweets @Pathound to learn more about our faith. He is also an avid fan of game of thrones! Fr Pat joins us for all of our Masses and celebrates Mass with us every Friday lunchtime in the Chapel. Please see Holy Family’s Parish website for more information about Masses and events http://hf-cov.org.uk/wp/

Laura- Meet the Lay Chaplain

My name is Laura and I’m the Lay Chaplain at Cardinal Newman. My faith is very important to me and I really enjoy sharing my faith with everyone. Here at school I organise the Masses, liturgies and prayer services but I am also here to support students and to create as many opportunities as I can for students to share and experience their faith. If you ever need to talk, or you have some ideas you would like to share you can find me in the RE office in Room 41 or you can contact me by email.

I love to talk too so feel free to pop and see me for a chat at break or lunch times! I love going on retreat, getting muddy, food, music, travelling, art and all sorts of things.

Romero Chaplaincy         

Cardinal Wiseman - Lauren Stundon

Our faith and relationship with God is at the centre of what we do at Cardinal Wiseman, whether in class work or outside of school, we always hold our faith at the forefront of our work.

This is supported by our chaplaincy team and department. Attached to the Religious Education Department, Chaplaincy is headed up by our Lay Chaplain Lauren Stundon and assisted by Phil Wilson the Youth Worker and the RE staff.

With over 50 students signed up for the Chaplaincy Team it is one of the most popular teams in school. The Chaplaincy Team are very proud of the school’s newly renovated chapel and very proud to hold Masses, prayer services and to use it as a special place to reflect. As part of chaplaincy, there are opportunities to go on residential retreats at Alton Castle and the new Soli House, chances to work with our feeder primary schools, to take part in retreat days and to make new friends. There will also be a chance to learn about counselling and become anti-bully ambassadors for the school.

“The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness”. — Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Youth Services

Youth Services is the place to be! We have lunch clubs! We have after school clubs! We have Trips! Lunch clubs are used as a time for the young people at Wiseman to socialise with one another, meet new people and solidify existing friendships. After school club is a time where people can pop in from 3.30 to 5.00 for some laid back chilling time with each other, play some sports, some XBOX, listen to some tunes, watch some films – maybe even have a bounce on the bouncy castle! We also have graffiti sessions and some of our work has been displayed in the newly decorated canteen.

This year we have been on several trips, we have visited Creation Skate Park in Birmingham, the cinema, we have been paintballing, bowling and Lazerquest. You want it, we can do it! Any ideas for new trips or activities are always welcome and we are willing to give anything a try! Each one, Teach one!

Lauren and Phil can be found in the RE office and are always on hand if you ever need anything or just want to come and chat.

Unity Chaplaincy              


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